Sunday, July 5, 2015


I am a woman
The divine feminine
As old as
The primordial Universe
My  existence
Is timeless.

Blessed with a miracle
To give life
I deliver
Love and
Care blatantly.

My existence
Has been full of
I have traversed
This journey
With audacity.

Some see me as frail
Others as  a weeping willow
But behold
My tears are
Only to rinse and clean
My vision
For I propel
To unchartered heights
Carrying my goals
With me.

Other times extolled
For fortitude and courage
I dare to love
 Till the seasons melt
On my mortal frame.
Dare to bask
In raptures
Forbidden by many.

Do not pity me
 Mock me
Or get outraged
By my latent desires
Cos i seek and cherish
Only that is meant
To be embraced.

My wishes and deeds
May knock your
prudent beliefs
but I plunge deeply
beyond comfort zones
to embrace the
my soul seeks.

Free spirited
A gypsy
I swing with
The melody of life
Leaving behind
Trails and traces
Of a life at pinnacle.

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