Friday, July 24, 2015


Celestial songs
Echoed through
The moonlit night
Searing pain ripped the lovers
Anticipation mounting for the tryst.
The velvety night
Hung heavy
With the fragrance of a scented garden.
A crescent moon
Nestled among twinkling  stars.
The nymph
Glided into the garden
Each step
Hurrying for her beloved.
They stood in shocked silence
As the anguish of the
Muffled  cries
Finally halted.
Aah!  what a colossal relief
Watching their love sculpting
The night into a silvery tryst.
The embrace shook the garden
As the bodies settled into each other
Defying yesterdays
And tomorrows.
Unspoken words
Filled the breath
Unsung songs hovered on lips.
Tonight her tresses
Wore the silver sheen.
Their eyes stuck in the alleys of adoration.
The liquid warmth
Of brazen desire
A malleable union.

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