Thursday, July 16, 2015



Uneasy footsteps
Rickety and fidgeting
 Cloaked in hushes  of guilt.
Lust dripping from glazed eyes
The notorious youth
Lurched towards the red light.
Women draped
In garish shades of red and pink
Their lips loud neon lights
Stand limply at the doorway
 And  her eyes
Like dimly lit dungeons.
The pimp haggles
And currency exchanges palms
The deal is fixed
 Of yet another willful rape.
Bodies steaming of hollow gratification
The red light business
Is brisk and booming
At the heart of treachery.
How many hours of sell out
How many months of a stony battle?
Years of treason
Like fading lingerie
Thrusting fingers of the Judas kiss.
Willful rape
Nonchalantly by the male libido
Even as the woman
Cleans herself
For the next avalanche.

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