Saturday, August 15, 2015


A while ago
I was a struggling lass
Bogged down
By the maze of life.
Happiness was a capricious butterfly
Melancholy played hide and seek.
It seemed the veil of sorrow
Was here to stay
But the balmy winds
Came like a breath of fresh air
Sowing the seeds of fertility.
I learnt  to listen  to my intuition
For  the heart always
Knows the path ahead.
I picked up the threads of life
One dainty step at a time
Till I learnt to waltz
On the path lit by success.
Happiness breezed in and
So did a dozen goals.
I have achieved many goals
And a many more are at hand.
Success you are a sweet companion
And laughter, joy and contentment
Is all mine now.

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