Tuesday, August 18, 2015


In the dark dense forest
Under the canopy
Of an ancient Banyan tree
Lived the mother goat
And her four kids
In a cottage of
Golden glee.
Each morning
The mother reminded her kids
Of the dangers of the forest
As she prepared to go out
For her daily tasks.
Hushed in the wilderness
Only the leaves Whispered
As the kids peeped out
From the secure windows.
The routine never wavered
Of the mother goat and her kids.
Seasons melted
One into another
Till one day
The kids were all  grown up
Wise to the ways of the forest.
Bliss and freedom
Was now their bold stance
 A reward for lessons learnt.
In a sudden flash
The roles were reversed.
The mother goat now content
Sat  by the fireplace
While her four kids
Went out
To brace the big bad world.
The mother goat sighed in relief
For she knew her lessons
Were deeply etched in the kids’ heart.
It was now time for them  to
Travel to uncharted  forests
And explore a life of their kindred heart.

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