Friday, August 7, 2015


O Oleander!
I grew up
Dancing around
Your bushy frame.
Clusters of pink flowers lured me to you
But your inherent strength of
Hope and glory lay hidden from me.
Warned by one and all
Of your toxicity
I kept you at bay.
You  astonished the world
 In Spring of 1946
 When you bloomed in abundance
In  the Radiation struck Hiroshima
Painting  a sea of dazzling pinks and reds.
Your beaming blooms
 Banished the deadly ravages of war
 Preaching the sermon of
Love, rejuvenation and hope.
O Oleander!
What are you made of?
I love thee
For your beautiful splendor
Preserving a special place
In my heart
 For tutoring us
To rise above strife and
A reason to smile.

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