Friday, August 28, 2015


Beyond the mounds of gloom
Away from the  shores of melancholy
I strode
On an aisle of grit
Shedding shreds of desolation.
I reckoned
 Laughter would be
 My soul’s attire
Cherubic happiness
 My breath’s echo.
 I hummed the melody
 A perfect symphony
Of my ricocheting heartbeats.
I taught myself
The art of brimming happiness
Embellishing sun’ rays in my twinkling eyes
 Soaking in moon’s tender light.
All this and more
 As I settled for utopia.
An impromptu encounter
An unforeseen twist
You stand gazing into my eyes
As nostalgia sips.
Do we know each other anymore?
 Do our hearts recall 
The synchronal bliss?
Can we still waltz in rhythm
To the cascading waterfalls?
Pray, where do we go
After this tempestuous meet?
My heart pirouettes
As tears are safely tucked away
 No longer wreaking havoc
 With my capricious mind.
 We start anew
And this rendezvous
Is the plum fruit
Of an accomplished heart.

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