Sunday, September 13, 2015


As I took my leave of you
Flustered by our love fights
Little did I know
About the catastrophe
 Which would unfold.
For a decade
Silence rode amidst us.
It could have been
A silence cold, deadly and fatal
But I kept it warm and  thriving
Illuminated by our love.
I poured my  heart out to you
In little message of texts
Love letters soaked in enduring yearnings
Carrying you with me
And within me
 Till my last sojourn.
I understood your silence too
 Cos I had understood your words
Our private legacy.
And so we carried each other
In the plush domains of silence
Building a cocoon
 Forbidden to all but us.
It is finally time to shatter the silence
And usher in sweet murmurings of love
For the test of time is over
And it is words now
Words of love, love and love.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Today I heave   a quivering sigh
Shedding skins of melancholy.
A rapturous dawn unfolds
 Breezing in lullabies
 Of our love.
It is yesterday once more.
The unimaginable has transpired
Sweeping away wistful wantings.
The cup of happiness
 Spills over in exuberance.
The shadows have been confiscated
And banished  to the wild winds.
All that remains is the sweet scent of yesterday.
My heart flutters like a blooming lotus
And the chrysalis has transformed
 As freedom swings in gaiety
Chanting songs of our love.
How alluring is the dawn!
It is crooning the same luscious melody
Of our rendezvous.
Let me gather the plum beams of sunshine
And adorn it like a tiara
For yesterday it is
Once more!

Friday, September 11, 2015


It is finally the early hours of September 11
A brilliant sunrise
Sets the pace of the day.
The miracle boat gently anchors on the shore.
Its journey mired in dangers
A thing of the past.
The lass with the golden curls
 Gathers flowers for the offering
And walks towards the shore temple.
Even as the temple bells peal harmoniously.
She returns to the shore
And sits on the wet beach.
Suddenly a flight of pigeons
 Soars into the azure sky
The brilliance of the early morning
 Smiles at the flight of freedom.
The lass’s heart dances with joy
 As the pigeons disappear from sight.
 She finds herself crooning ‘Hotel California’
‘Relax, said the night man
 We are programmed to receive
 You can check out any time you like
 But you can never leave!’
September 11, you are full of enchanting promises
The consciousness today, a lark supreme.
 Now there is only one wish left  to be granted
The desire to hear the sound of her name
 From his honeyed lips.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Goodbye yesterday.
On the eve of a glorious September day
I recall
The illustrious pages of history
That marked September 11.
 The song ‘Oh Susana’ was performed
At a salon  in Pittsburg.
Christiana Resistance happened  in Pennsylvania
 A cry to abolish slavery.
Sawami Vievkanand delivered a lecture
On religion in Chicago.
George Stibitz performed the
First remote operation of computer.
NASA’s Mars Global surveyor
Reached Mars.
Vinoda Bhave the philosopher was born in India.
D H Lawrence the English author was born too.
After the horrific attack on Twin Towers in New York
The world mourned collectively
And vowed to fight terrorism.
I sit in intrepid anticipation
Of the morning of September 11.
The masks have been ripped off
Revealing  the ghastly  naked faces.
The fake smiles have been punctured
With stinging slaps.
The chains of woe have been broken
To rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
The mother duck and her ducklings have come of age
Spear heading into a new morning for  September 11
I sit in anticipation
 As the beam of vision
 Attains an important milestone.
The benevolent light turns 50
And I sit agog
For the morning of September 11.
I shall offer my prayers to the Lord
For new beginnings
Shedding redundant skins
Of outdated traditions.
It is time to walk in the light of Septemebr 11
And the duckling and her babies
Rejoice in harmony on the eve of the day.
  O Morning of September 11!
Come soon!
Liberate our souls
For a landmark celebration.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Like every year, there are grand JANAMSHTAMI  celebrations in SHIV SHAKTI Temple in my neighborhood.

Enjoy the darshan of tableau from our holy scriptures!

Happy JANAMASHTAMI to all readers of Daffodils!

Friday, September 4, 2015


Far away in Turkey
Lived Aylan Kurdi
With his brother and parents
As refugees of Kobani, Syria
Aylan,Barely three
Got on a boat
With his family
To  reach safer shores of Canada.
Cheated by false assurances of safety
By malicious smugglers
They drowned
As the waves lashed their  dingy.
Mayhem ruled and
 A maniacal dance erupted
 Wiping away three members of the
Kurdi  family
Leaving a shell shocked father
 Whose world was brutally marauded.
Aylan’s body surfaced on the Turkish beach
Face down, on the sand
As if napping gently
But it was death
In bold letters.
The picture shook the world
 Waking everyone from stupor
 "Kiyiyavuraninsanlik" screamed Twitter
As everyone witnessed “ Flotsam of Humanity”.
It was a shameful dawn
In the resort town of Bodrum.
How much more terror?
How much more anguish?
How many dreams of peace
Murdered brutally?
When will humanity awaken?
 How many more Aylans
Will be sacrificed for peace?
Aylan, you little messenger of God
In your three years of life
You have become
A symbol of our conscience
Let Aylan’s chilling sleep
On the cold beach
Save millions more.
Let us fight terrorism
Let us give our very breath
To usher in peace.
RIP Little Aylan