Friday, September 4, 2015


Far away in Turkey
Lived Aylan Kurdi
With his brother and parents
As refugees of Kobani, Syria
Aylan,Barely three
Got on a boat
With his family
To  reach safer shores of Canada.
Cheated by false assurances of safety
By malicious smugglers
They drowned
As the waves lashed their  dingy.
Mayhem ruled and
 A maniacal dance erupted
 Wiping away three members of the
Kurdi  family
Leaving a shell shocked father
 Whose world was brutally marauded.
Aylan’s body surfaced on the Turkish beach
Face down, on the sand
As if napping gently
But it was death
In bold letters.
The picture shook the world
 Waking everyone from stupor
 "Kiyiyavuraninsanlik" screamed Twitter
As everyone witnessed “ Flotsam of Humanity”.
It was a shameful dawn
In the resort town of Bodrum.
How much more terror?
How much more anguish?
How many dreams of peace
Murdered brutally?
When will humanity awaken?
 How many more Aylans
Will be sacrificed for peace?
Aylan, you little messenger of God
In your three years of life
You have become
A symbol of our conscience
Let Aylan’s chilling sleep
On the cold beach
Save millions more.
Let us fight terrorism
Let us give our very breath
To usher in peace.
RIP Little Aylan

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