Thursday, September 10, 2015


Goodbye yesterday.
On the eve of a glorious September day
I recall
The illustrious pages of history
That marked September 11.
 The song ‘Oh Susana’ was performed
At a salon  in Pittsburg.
Christiana Resistance happened  in Pennsylvania
 A cry to abolish slavery.
Sawami Vievkanand delivered a lecture
On religion in Chicago.
George Stibitz performed the
First remote operation of computer.
NASA’s Mars Global surveyor
Reached Mars.
Vinoda Bhave the philosopher was born in India.
D H Lawrence the English author was born too.
After the horrific attack on Twin Towers in New York
The world mourned collectively
And vowed to fight terrorism.
I sit in intrepid anticipation
Of the morning of September 11.
The masks have been ripped off
Revealing  the ghastly  naked faces.
The fake smiles have been punctured
With stinging slaps.
The chains of woe have been broken
To rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
The mother duck and her ducklings have come of age
Spear heading into a new morning for  September 11
I sit in anticipation
 As the beam of vision
 Attains an important milestone.
The benevolent light turns 50
And I sit agog
For the morning of September 11.
I shall offer my prayers to the Lord
For new beginnings
Shedding redundant skins
Of outdated traditions.
It is time to walk in the light of Septemebr 11
And the duckling and her babies
Rejoice in harmony on the eve of the day.
  O Morning of September 11!
Come soon!
Liberate our souls
For a landmark celebration.

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