Saturday, September 12, 2015


Today I heave   a quivering sigh
Shedding skins of melancholy.
A rapturous dawn unfolds
 Breezing in lullabies
 Of our love.
It is yesterday once more.
The unimaginable has transpired
Sweeping away wistful wantings.
The cup of happiness
 Spills over in exuberance.
The shadows have been confiscated
And banished  to the wild winds.
All that remains is the sweet scent of yesterday.
My heart flutters like a blooming lotus
And the chrysalis has transformed
 As freedom swings in gaiety
Chanting songs of our love.
How alluring is the dawn!
It is crooning the same luscious melody
Of our rendezvous.
Let me gather the plum beams of sunshine
And adorn it like a tiara
For yesterday it is
Once more!

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