Tuesday, April 14, 2015


It is true
Our minds exploded
At the very first encounter.

Our souls sang
A lyrical melody
From the start.
Our thoughts
Carried each other
Trembling with anticipation.

We talked about love
And swooned
A dozen times.

We waited breathlessly
For the touch
That would sweep aside
Timeless yearnings.

Indeed  it was the embrace
That set me on fire
The gentle, cautious
Move into your arms
Being enveloped by you
I felt our heart beats
Dancing in tandem.

I realized I had
Finally arrived
To my wanting abode.
My patience had borne fruit
Cos I was in a dizzy
 Of my dreams.

The touch
Thrilling and breathtaking
Transported me into shades of ecstasy
And making me your prisoner.

The embrace
Took over me
Having fed me
The forbidden ambroisa
And I was marked for life.

My love
Drown me
Once again
In that enchanting embrace
And let me
Forsake the world
For a lifetime
Of that hauntingly
Beautiful embrace.