Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Through silken dreams
Interlaced with thriving memories
I feel you
Through my closed eyes.
The maze of our celestial dance refuses to die
Despite being frayed by vagaries of time.
I can almost recall your touch
Feel the pulsating warmth
Still drown under your bold gaze
As I hug this  song of remembrance.
Your memory is both a jubilation
And a throbbing pain
A permanent entrant
In the hidden crevices of my heart.
When swept furiously by tides of remembrance
I tremble as the pain lashes me
Flowing unbidden as warm saline tears.
How I wish the tears were sweet
And the memory sans pain.
How I wish I could recreate the magic
Of a breathless encounter.
The cold unspoken silence
Does nothing to soothe my blistered heart
And yet I cherish this pain
For only this is my constant comrade
Of Words and shared embraces
And of a heart  aglow with  a brilliant sheen of hope
That one day this pain will twirl
Into an enduring  reunion.