Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Dusk has slowly cast its shadow
The Sun has vanished beyond the horizon
Quietly the stars emerge
Bathing the night sky
With silver beads.
A triumphant moon soars high in the sky
Its intention firmly lodged for the night.
Despite the reign of the  night
 I toss and turn in my bed
Flinging the pillow aside
 I pace restlessly in the sultry night.
Where are you my love?
Your absence stings my heart
Even as my misty eyes
 Bravely dodge the tears
Let me rest in your bosom
For nowhere else will my heart lie still
My love, come back
And cure me from this cruel insomnia.


From unknown unexpected domains
You invaded my soul
With a fragrance so adored.
A fragrance that bespoke of sheer brilliance
Captivating my heart in its fold.
Just like the most precious of blooms
Live for a handful of days
I could inhale your fragrance
And soak in your love
For a brief odyssey.
But behold, like the carefully preserved
Deep red roses in the folds of my diary
Your fragrance still lingers in my mileu
 A daring reminder of our rendezvous.
Will the roses bloom again?
Will the dewdrops kiss its tender petals?
Will the exotic fragrance wreak its magic once again?
I can sense you are around
Invisible , but subtle in your presence
And like the dark clouds
Waiting to burst into a torrent
I await the moment
When your fragrance  intoxicates me once again.