Thursday, June 25, 2015


Daring youth
You filled me with searing blood.
I aimed for the stars
For the ground beneath me
Would not suffice my lofty  dreams.
Like a rider on a wild horse
I ran the race of my youth
Mindless of far reaching consequences.
I squandered and doled out
Remedies and dreams
And sowed my wild oats.
I would pause only now and then
Drunk for lust for life
Cos I wanted to live
A life of candid experiences.
But despite my wild streaks
Life you were gentle on me
Perhaps as my mind was always
Answering to my heart.
Life, not only did you look after
My faults and mistakes
You are magnanimous enough
To grant me a second chance.
Today wiser, with my cup full of experiences
I hold onto this second chance
Gently but firmly.
Today I walk a comfortable pace
Clasping on to your promising gift.
O Life! thank you for the second chance
There is no way ill squander it again.