Friday, July 3, 2015


My heart flutters for thee
My soul longs to be close to thee
O nature! My spirit swoons
At your exotic wonders.
The dazzling flowers
 Abundant in their glory
Spreading fragrance across acres
In the valley of flowers.
The ripe delicious fruits
Packed with ambrosia like pulp
Waiting to be devoured.
How daintily the citrus packs its juices
 How ornamentally the pomegranate stores its seeds
The deep red of apples beckon me
 And the luscious grapes tempt me so.
The red, yellow and green capsicum
 Nonchalantly  laugh a colorful riot
While an array of exotic vegetables
Tickle my taste buds.
Nature you give in profusion
 A bounty bursting  with nutrition.
But  wait!
 You adorn the Earth with yet   more miracles
Bathing it in immaculate beauty.
The azure sky garnished with feathery clouds
The dark cumulus pregnant with promise of rain
The snow peaked mountains
Longing to embrace the heaven.
The slanted needles of the Pine trees
Gently dropping the snow flakes.
The placid lakes
And the gurgling streams
The pouring rain and the accompanying thunderous orchestra
The majestic waterfalls
The ocean waves flirting with the sands
All echo my song of wonder.
The homing pigeons pecking lovingly
The soulful singing of the Koel and Cuckoo
The enchanting rain dance of the Peacock
Always incite me to thank the Providence
For a Nature so benevolent.