Thursday, August 6, 2015


Fatalistic destiny
Merciless jaws of death
Perished my soul
As you departed
For your heavenly abode Mum.
Sheer helplessness
 A throbbing open wound
I nursed
 To let steely reality sink in.
Are the are corridors
 Of motherly love
Endless phone calls
 Non stop tete a tete
The wisdom and gossip
Have died behind impregnable walls of death.
All that remains
 Is your picture on my wall
At vantage point
 Where I catch your glimpse
 A hundred times a  day
Death, I defy you
 Fashion a novel feat
Ransacking every corner
Of my home
Holding on to
Every picture of you.
Blissful hours spent
Writing a fitting obituary
Even more hours
 Designing the album “Maa”.
Now my wounds don’t yell
 Am at ease despite your  silence
As I have captured you
 Both in my life
And my heart.