Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Amidst  mists of time
I barely make out your silhouette
Diminishing in a haze
Shrouded by gaping silence.
Hazards of unspoken yearnings
A deficit of caressing words
My memory betrays me
Even as I long
To decipher the
Cold,  sans words interlude between us.
Did our hearts
Ever sing in unison?
Did we  ever rejoice in each other’s touch?
In a haze of a million sighs
I am lost for words of comfort
Wiped away in swift measures
 Like the disappearing sand dunes.


The meandering boulevards of life
Twisting and coiling
At every short bend
Hide prophesies of time.
You badger me
Like the hiss
Of a deadly serpent
Lashing one blow after another.
You question my beliefs
Stagger my faith
Eroding my soul
Leaving only
 Scanty shreds of hope.
As you darken both my days and night
Into a turbulent labyrinth.
I somehow
Manage to rally against the grime
Find my voice
From suffocated breaths
Find my soul
Trapped in rivulets of pain.
Loser I shall never be
I shall twirl my way out
Finding ,my strength
Standing erect on my feet
Towards my resurrection.