Sunday, September 13, 2015


As I took my leave of you
Flustered by our love fights
Little did I know
About the catastrophe
 Which would unfold.
For a decade
Silence rode amidst us.
It could have been
A silence cold, deadly and fatal
But I kept it warm and  thriving
Illuminated by our love.
I poured my  heart out to you
In little message of texts
Love letters soaked in enduring yearnings
Carrying you with me
And within me
 Till my last sojourn.
I understood your silence too
 Cos I had understood your words
Our private legacy.
And so we carried each other
In the plush domains of silence
Building a cocoon
 Forbidden to all but us.
It is finally time to shatter the silence
And usher in sweet murmurings of love
For the test of time is over
And it is words now
Words of love, love and love.