About Me

I believe we have only one life and as Steve Job said. "your time is limited".  So believe in making the most of this ONE life we have got.  Life will always be a roller coaster ride, with unexpected twists and turns. But, moving ahead is what i believe in.

Blogging has been a very rewarding experience... opening up my mind and meeting an amazing array of like minded people i would have possibly never met in real life.

This Blog is as much about sharing anecdotes from Life , as much as chronicling. Events.. People..Stories which leave an impact and  change you for the better.

 A die hard optimist.  A keen observer.  A people's person who loves meeting new people in real world as well as  cyberspace.  Love Travel, Movies, Outdoors, Music, Cuisines, Photography and Social Media. Blogging since April 2010.

A true desi at heart I Blog about everything Indian.  You will find many posts  on Indian culture. And yet some posts  defy demorgraphics and boundaries.  So you will find lots of mixed bag too :)

Why DAFFODILS?  Because i love nature and these lovely yellow flowers have been immortalized in the poem by William Wordsworth.  I Blog about anything and everything that catches my fancy, hence my Blog is ' A Slice of Life' as opposed to being a niche Blog.

 Looking for inspiring  stories and happenings. Sharing anecdotes of Life.  Bonding.  Reaching  out to my readers.  These are the things i enjoy about being a Blogger.

Am very curious by nature, and love learning about new things and new avenues. 

 I believe in Life Positive.

I live in Faridabad, which is part of the National Capital Region (NCR), N Delhi, India,  with my family.

Do leave your footprints on my Blog in the form of  Comments.  It will be a pleasure indeed to go through your comments and interact with visitors of my Blog.

Aabha Vatsa Midha