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On 23rd August two of  my poetry books were released at Press Club of India, N Delhi.

DESIRE, my fourth poetry book:

My third poetry book, MIRACLE:

On 31st May another of my books was launched. I contributed a poem CELEBRATION

 towards an anthology on the iconic poet KAMLA  DAS titled 'I AM AWOMAN'.

2015 has started on a promsing note. Two of my Poetry books were published.

The first is HARMONY:

The second Poetry book is HOME ALONE:

My third book is a Travelogue, BARFANI BABA, To Amarnath Happily published  in 2013

It is a first perdon account of an adventurous spiritual journey mad efor the uest of darshan of the Ice Lingam at Amarnath.

To buy this book, use the link below:

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